[aimage=left]http://www.cybersplat.co.uk/malcolm-in-the-middle.gif[/aimage]The Malcolm in the Middle Voting Community has upgraded to version 4 of the popular flash based chatroom software FlashChat. Very popular with members for is easy of use and slickness the new FlashChat will come with a warm welcome.

New features include:

  • Mini Avatars (No more silly (M) for moderators a proper M now appears in their avatar as does administrators.
  • File Sharing Not quite P2P rather P to Sever to P. 512KB of RAR, ZIP and various other files can be transfered across the server to another member(s) to see.
  • Graphical Enhancments. Generally a more 3D look, as well as more smilies.
  • Ignore. Yes you can now ignore those pesky people who come in and annoy you!
  • Spy. You can now view the forum as a spy and not take part in discussion, (useful feature for yardgames to find out what people think about him!)
  • Longer Transcripting. Transcripts saved temporarily by sofware
These are the new features, as well as the old Instant Messaging, Alerts, Skins, Font Colours and Ability to create new rooms.

The MITMVC has a chat session every Saturday at 19GMT. Although more recently due to a huge expansion in active member numbers, you may find a large number of people in there at any time of the day or night. Use the shoutbox to invite people in if you wish to start up a conversation.