Buseys take a Hostage
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Thread: Buseys take a Hostage

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    Default Buseys take a Hostage


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    I think this is your best discussion yet appanah. It is very interesting that we are expected to feel a sense of outrage when we find out that the headteacher has been exploiting the Buseys. Is this so bad? Well yes, obviously! But yet it is common knowledge that multinational corporations based in America are exploiting third world children with their production techniques all the time, and the majority of people turn a blind eye. Case in point: I am wearing a Nike t-shirt right now!
    That is a very good point you have raised. Once again you have opened my eyes, I doth my cap to you sir (my Nike cap).
    "Man, two guys as your parents. That place must be a dude's paradise!"

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    Appanah, it's brilliant. Once again you blow me away. It was worth the wait.

    Our society's ideology can and does decide what is "acceptable" and what is not. If someone disagrees with society's ideology, their life can ultimately be ruined in a quest to meet one's dream, which may not agree wtih that ideology.

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