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Thread: The Characters You Hate

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    I don't really think the character Stevie himself was supposed to be funny most of the time and he really doesnt have many lines that are suposed to be funny. He is used as sort of backdrop for other characters jokes to play off of. Like when Malcolm for the 1000th time is lamenting about how his life sucks meanwhile his bestfriend is sitting next to him in a wheelchair. Or when Reese says your ass may not know I'm kicking it, but I will.

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    Man, pretty harsh on Stevie, aren't we?
    Stevie wasn't too bad. I agree with Malcolmfun, I don't think he was supposed to be a funny character. But how he played off with the others made him funny IMO.

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    I used to dislike, not to hate, Dewey. But in the last seasons he became better, his humor turned more ironic, with some pretty funny scenes.

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