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Thread: Last Episodes

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    Default Last Episodes

    What do you think of show's last episodes? Of course, it varies from show to show...

    Frasier's last episode was ridiculous, with Kelsey Grammar completely taking over, speaking as himself and not Frasier.

    I liked MITM's final episode, with Hal's scream at the end being one of my favourite ever TV moments.

    Everybody Loves Raymond had a good ending, with life just going on, and I believe had ELR not had that ending, MITM would have had it (well, it would have suited, anyway).

    Cheers last episode was alright, but the bit at the very end was superb with Sam saying "we're closed".

    Your thoughts on memorable last episodes?

    GWF! GWF! GWF!

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    Default Re: Last Episodes

    Mitm really got me.
    Father Ted was pretty good to.
    With Dougle going" Why you were that dog collar ted" :P

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