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Thread: Frankie Muniz's racing result

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    Default Re: Frankie Muniz's racing result

    My question is how is he having accidents this much? It seems that in 90% of his races, he has an accident.
    Anyways, I still hope he stays safe.

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    Default Re: Frankie Muniz's racing result

    Actually he "only" had accidents on 3 of the last 4 races.
    He began his season without problems (except an exclusion during race #5).

    I've made a grid with all Frankie's results for this season (of course without the next 2 races):

    He was excluded from the 5th race for violation of a regulation (5.19, but I don't know what it means).

    Except when he had accidents, he has never lost any place from the begining to the end of the races.

    His best ranking was at Indianapolis (race #7), he succeeded to finish the race on 16th place (although he started on 27th place after doing bad times at qualifying).

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