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Thread: Filming of episodes...

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    Default Filming of episodes...

    I was watching MITM tonight and I was thinking...when they are in their house, where is that filmed?

    They then go out the house into the garden and it looks so do they record in the studio for the in house filming aswell as the garden filming?

    They only film outside the Cantura Street house when they are out on the front of the road?

    Thanks dudes Steve ... any more on the episodes marathon on the website?

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    Default Re: Filming of episodes...

    Most interior shots are filmed at the set; exterior shots are done at the real house--that landscape is actually what it looks like. They've modeled the studio to be just like the real house, so they're able to seamlessly shoot at the real house if necessary if they do need to go through doors or otherwise do an exterior shot.

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