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Thread: Each character's theme song...

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    Default Re: Each character's theme song...

    "Wont you take me down, to funky town!" That would be pretty cool for Hal.
    But I still think the "Three Stooges" theme fits him better.

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    I heard a song called "mess" by Custom which kind of fits Malcolm, in fact it could be for any of the boys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryebeach View Post
    Safesearching board member Cold Skin posed this question on Justin's board in regards to Reese and I think it can be asked of all the MITM characters.

    For Malcolm, there is no question in my mind what I'd choose for his theme song. "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears for Fears. This song was used in a flashback episode to the 80's with Hal and Lois in one episode in season 5 or 6 but just listening to the lyrics, combined with what Lois revealed to Malcolm in the finale about what they all feel Malcolm should and will become in the future and Malcolm's subsequent reaction to it...The song just fits perfectly, in my opinion.

    Plus, I think the first part of the lyrics, "Welcome to your Life, there's no turning back" fits Malcolm's take on his life and family, in both a comedic and dramatic sense, from the very first scene of the very fist episode right up until the finale. The rest of the lyrics are a close fit to the character of Malcolm as well.
    I remember making a mixed CD for Christmas in 2010 that had that song on it...and yet, despite being a time in which I was overly-obsessed with the show, I can't remember for sure if I made a connection with it...

    ...to Malcolm's character, I mean. I might have...

    Anyways, I'm into artists who are a little more...I dunno, wiser-sounding than most of the characters.

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