The night I met Cloris Leachman 4/1/09
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Thread: The night I met Cloris Leachman 4/1/09

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    Default The night I met Cloris Leachman 4/1/09

    Hi all. I know in my introduction I posted on this site I mentioned that I had met Cloris Leachman, but I didn't post the story. Here it is

    Me: I walked up to her and I was shaking and my face was all red and I was crying tears of joy. I said to Cloris: I made this card for you.

    Cloris: Aww, you did?

    Me: Yes

    Cloris: Aww, that's so sweet.

    Me: I'm really glad you like it.

    Cloris: I do, I love it. Then Cloris started reading the card out loud so everybody could hear what it said and she even waved it around to show everybody and everybody all went aww.

    *When I made the card I kind of messed up on what I wrote, so when Cloris read it she and the others laughed, but they laughed in a good sweet way.

    Me: Laughter

    Cloris: When did you make the card?

    Me: The day before yesterday, no I mean yesterday.

    Cloris: Oh.

    Me: I love everything I've seen you in, but especially The Mary Tyler Moore Show. That show has been a huge part of my life forever.

    Cloris: How old are you now?

    Me: I'm 16, I'll be 17 May 7th.

    Cloris: How old were you when you 1st started noticing that show?

    Me: I was very little, probably like when I was in kindergarten.

    Cloris: Wow.

    Me: It was back in the 1990s when I was very little, haha.

    Me: May I please get a pic with you?

    Cloris: Sure.

    Me: I went over by her to get a pic with her(I was the only one she actually let go over behind the desk right next to her.) I asked her if it was ok if I could put my arm on her shoulder.

    Cloris: You probably shouldn't, haha, but ok(she said it in a sweet funny joking way.)

    So we took the picture together.

    Me: I sent you a fan letter a couple months ago, maybe you'll remember me.

    Cloris: What's your name?

    Me: Emily *I told her my last name, but I'm not posting it here.* She already knew my 1st name from the card, but I told her my 1st and last name.

    Cloris: *My last name*, ok I'll try to remember that.

    Me: Thank you so much for all this. It means so much to me. I'll remember this forever.

    Cloris: Aww, thank you. I'll be thinking of you(she said that quietly so nobody else would hear it.)

    Me: Thanks so much. Then I went over to give her a hug and of course she hugged me back.

    Then we said bye to each other. When I got done talking to her there was a girl who told me I did a great job talking to her and there was other people who said I was adorable.

    Here are the pics

    Me w/ Cloris

    Cloris when I 1st gave her the card I made her

    Cloris reading the inside of the card.

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    That's a great personal story, thanks for sharing it! I was wondering how you wanted to meet Cloris before you even got hooked on MITM, so it's these reruns of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and I suppose Phyllis?

    That's really remarkable, because they originally aired more than 10 years before you were born!

    Bryan Cranston just said that he's always admired the timing and style of Dick Van Dyke, and that he is an idol to him. I can vaguely see that now, and it's interesting, because Mary Tyler Moore started out as Dick Van Dyke's partner on his show in the Sixties.

    I'd like to watch some of Cloris Leachman and Dick van Dyke on those old shows, which I've never really seen, apart from a few scenes.



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