Graduation: Opinions & Analysis
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Thread: Graduation: Opinions & Analysis

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    Default Graduation: Opinions & Analysis

    This is really sad that this is the last time this will be done. I've been watching this since the first episode, and I hate to see it end.


    Opener - I liked it. Clever and definately true to the MITM style of things. Definately a good one.

    Reeses Plot - Good too. Him and Ida working together was just great. It was clever and good to see him getting the job. It's good to know he will be okay in life.

    Malcolm's Plot - Really interesting, and pretty good as well. I definately liked it and it was a little odd. I was really hoping we'd hear him say something about childhood, like he did in the first episode about it stopping, but we didn't. I really can't complain at all about this. His was probably the best.

    Dewey's Plot - Was pretty good too. It was nice to see him and Francis working together, not to mention him and Jamie. Not much to say about it really.

    Francis's Plot - Stayed true to Francis which is good. Good to see he has a job. Nice to see him messing with Lois as usual.

    Hal's Plot - Clever too. Pretty good stuff.

    Lois's Plot - I really liked hers, and I think we can all now finally understand Lois. She was a little shocking but its MITM afterall. Plus her and Hal are having another kid. Why not right? I'd love to know if its a boy or a girl.

    Overall - What really can be said about this episode? It's the last one and they went out alright. They were nice enough to tell us something of what happens to everyone. I'm really at a loss of words. They did a good job with this episode, and I'm glad everyone got a part in this. They pretty much gave me all I could want out of this. This episode just flew by, and I'd love to see it again. I give MITM credit for packing so much into 24+ mins. I really hope Lois's and Hal's plans for all the boys do come true. I think Malcolm would make a great president honestly. I really wish this wasn't the end, as I feel they could do atleast another two seasons easily. Maybe by some miracle it won't be.

    I also want to say thanks to MITM and to all of you, because this has all been a blast. Malcolm in the Middle may have ended, but it will always live on.

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    Default Re: Graduation: Opinions & Analysis

    It was such a touching way to end the episode. I loved seeing Malcolm give his valedictorian speech; I wish we could have seen more of it. But what we did see made the whole series flash before my eyes. It's, Lois has always known best for her boys. She's been controversial about it and the boys didn't always understand it, but in the end she's molded each of the boys into something special and unique.

    I think the clips 3 months after graduation really gave closure to the whole series. Do I want it to end? Definitely not. But do I think it was an awesome way to end? Certainly.

    Each one of the boys is developing into something new. Francis looked like a young Hal in his last scene. Piama said she was ready for kids, so we'll have young Wilkersons running around soon.

    Reese will step in to fill the void of Craig. He'll be the 40-year-old who might not have a wife, but is still a fun, loving, and important person to lives of many people for other reasons. He might not have become a professional chef, but I think that's because he couldn't enjoy it. He can only cook if he's able to put the love into the food for his family and friends. So good ending for him.

    Malcolm is the only child not filling a void previously filled by someone else. He'll fit in well at Harvard, if he can end his bad habits and adapt to life there.

    Dewey is now going to be the big brother. He's obviously going to fill Reese's void in the home--and I think he'll be an awesome big brother.

    As Jamie grows and develops, he'll replace Malcolm as the middle child in the family. We don't know whether he'll be a genius--but we do know he'll be an integral member to hold together his brothers.

    And the future baby will take Dewey's current role of sweet little gem.

    A couple of notes:
    -I was glad to see Ida on the finale; she became an incredibly important character in the lives of the five young boys.
    -I loved all of the allusions to the Pilot in this episode. I know many of us were hoping for a more touching speech from Malcolm about the end of childhood, but I think he delivered all that was necessary in that department in the part of the valedictorian speech we did see; the remaining allusions to the Pilot were a satisfactory way to close the finale for me.
    -I think it is great how the story lives on even after the finale ends.

    Thank you to each one of you for participating in these forums and sharing your opinions here and thanks to Linwood Boomer for creating such a great show and Fox for showing it for seven awesome seasons and Frankie and Justin and Bryan and Jane and Erik and Craig...everybody. I've grown up with MITM and that makes me proud.

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    Default Re: Graduation: Opinions & Analysis

    To think we raged like madmen when the spoilers came!

    This definitely tied the series together. Lois' revelation. Reese's mess. Ida's visit. Francis' secret job. Hal's money franticness. Dewey's secret x-ray. Malcolm's heartwarming speech. Linny's final hour.

    Even though it needed a double to do it more justice, it was good, heartwarming, funny (especially the last bit) and excellent just the way it was.

    To Fox, maybe you're not as much the buzzards as I give you credit for. Least you had the decency to make this part of your lineup for 6 1/2 years. Thanks for that.

    To Linny Boomer, thanks for making such a show come into fruition.

    To the cast (Frank, Jane, Bryan, Chris, Berfy, Erik, James/Lukas) and crew, thanks for making it happen week after week.

    To all of you here, thanks for letting me be a part of your bubble and getting me to be obsessed with this iconic gem called Malcolm in the Middle.

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    Default Re: Graduation: Opinions & Analysis

    Seems like yesterday when Hal was being shaved in the kitchen by Lois, starting this gem of a show. And now, six and a half years later, it ends with a pretty great finale, if I do say so myself.
    Each plot beat my expectations, to tell you all the truth. Hal's deal with trying to get Malcolm money for Harvard was hilarious(especially him going to the Mafia ). Reese actually had a VERY funny plot on how to stay janitor at school by making a mess so big he'd have to stay! And even though I despise her with every fibre of my being, it was nice(there, I said it) to have Ida actually working with Reese to set off the giant mess(seems Reese is the only one Ida loves, and Reese is the only one who loves Ida). Dewey's plot was pretty good(it went along with Francis), and I agree with you guys who said that it was nice to see Francis and Dewey work together(and Jaime too). Malcolm's was pretty kick ass, as well. Trying to think up of a stupid speech to him trying to gather money for Harvard(or getting that easy job, which Lois messed up). Getting to Lois, that was a very intelligent speech she gave outside after the mess, about how Malcolm, if he works real hard, will grow up to be a great president(if he indeed becomes president), a president who won't be a failure(example: George W. Bush). It was also HILARIOUS to see Reese and Craig become roommates(I never thought Id ever see that on the show. I loved it! ). And their argument over shower curtains:
    Reese: Dolphins are gay!
    Craig: Dolphins can kill sharks!
    Reese: Well, so can a gay guy, but he's still gay!
    . That pretty much sums this episode up. Great ending to a great show.
    Thanks to:
    Linwood Boomer- You created a damn great show, man. Without you there wouldn't be any MITM.
    Bryan, Jane, Chris, Justin, Frankie, Erik- You guys brought this gem to life. And did a damned fine job doing it.
    The crew- You guys, from the writers to the light crew, made the show work and run. You guys are awesome.
    God be with every single one of you and I hope He brings all of you peace, prosperity, and success in the years to come.

    Goodbye, MITM.

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    Default Re: Graduation: Opinions & Analysis

    I'm glad I stayed spoiler free (for the most part) for the finale. It was, to me, the perfect way to end the series. The laughter, the sight gags and the heart, it was all there.

    I was especially happy to see Craig, Ida, Stevie, Abe and Piama in the finale along with all of the main cast, even a reference to Lois' sister, Susan. It just wouldn't have been the same without them.

    I don't think any other half-hour sitcom can effectively get so much into an episode as MITM has done these past 7 seasons and did tonight. Each and every character had an important storyline and that has never ceased to amaze me.

    Learning of Lois' plan for Malcolm's future and that the rest of the family knew about it all along was very interesting but in true MITM fashion, having them all covered in who knows what, was classic! And the brief exchange between Ida and Reese when they were doing the stunt set-up, "You're a good kid," Aww, such a sweet moment.

    To me, the best part of the finale was in the 3 months later scenes. Dewey and Jamie taking on the more michievous roles now that it's just the two of them at home. Reese moving in with Craig, the surprise for Lois and Hal! Piama and Francis truly happy, he with a steady job but still bickering with Lois and not telling her the truth. That's just what their relationship has always been and will always be and Piama accepts that, I think. But the most touching moment was Reese calling Malcolm to see how he's doing in college and letting him know how much he enjoys his job. All of those scenes told me what I really wanted to know going into the finale and I think the characters realized it too; they are all going to be okay because they will always have each other.

    Thank you MITM for 7 amazing seasons. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten. My thanks to all the cast and crew and to FOX for bringing this show into our homes each week since 2000 and making us laugh and have fun and even learn a bit about ourselves and family, along the way. It's been a wonderful ride!

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    Default Re: Graduation: Opinions & Analysis

    Was anyone else entirely blindsided by Lois' pregnancy!? That took me completely by surprise. They breed like rabbits! Hal's scream at the end was hilarious though. I'm really glad they showed the three months later scenes. What a great way to end the show, summing up how everyone is doing. Malcolm's speech was really great at the graduation ceremony, I wish it could have been a little longer though. Throughout seven seasons they never revealed their last name (I loved how when the principal was announcing Malcolm's name, the microphone screached during the announcement of his last name.) Oh, and whatever they were covered in, that was completely disgusting!

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    Default Re: Graduation: Opinions & Analysis

    So nobody else realized Linwood was the mafia guy? Or was that so obvious that it wasn't necessary to bring up?

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    Default Re: Graduation: Opinions & Analysis

    The only glaring omission from this episode was Herkabe... beyond that a perfect way to end the show.

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    Default Re: Graduation: Opinions & Analysis

    I'm totally looking forward to seeing this ep now - I was having doubts about how good it would be but it sounds great!

    Lois being pregnant again, that is totally unexpected! I'm guessing Hal's scream at the end was after he found out?

    It made sense not to reveal their last name; which would have been stupid since it's the finale.

    I wondered whether they'd use clips in the episode - I thought they'd have used flashbacks but the future clips were a great idea, and it's also good that the story still continues even though the series is over.

    Now the waiting begins until I can see it....

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    Default Re: Graduation: Opinions & Analysis

    Hello, everybody. I posted here a few times before, ages ago, making a name for myself via my family trees, but then lost interest in the fandom (horrors, I know!)... but I recently got interested again, because the show was coming to an end.

    And then, of course, I missed the finale! *Curses self* I'm posting in this thread because the finale sounds like it was really, really good. *Curses self again*

    I don't mind being spoiled (why else would I be reading this thread?), but I can say I'm a little surprised about Lois's sixth pregnancy. And also irked because we don't know what the sex or name of the baby will be. *Grumbles*

    It also appears I'll have to update the family tree again.

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