Most important MITM episode
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Thread: Most important MITM episode

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    Default Most important MITM episode

    What do you guys feel is the most important MITM episode?

    I think it is probably the first episode, because well it set the stage for the whole show, or Lois battles Jamie, because you get backstory on Lois and Francis.

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    Default Re: Most important MITM episode

    Any episode with background info/flashbacks, is important, because they tell us more about specific characters. There are a number of episodes where this happens, throughout the series, not just one specific episode.

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    Default Re: Most important MITM episode

    I think "Red Dress" is the most important episode because that's the one that really introduces the family as an ensemble. The Pilot episode tells us who Malcolm and Lois are, and it sets the basic situation of Malcolm being a troubled genius. But MITM is really about the whole family, and the Pilot tells us very little about who Hal, Reese and Dewey are. It's in "Red Dress" that we really get to know these characters, their quirks, and how they interact with each other.

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    Default Re: Most important MITM episode

    I would say the Pilot, because most of the dialogues and shooting angles have become classics.

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    Default Re: Most important MITM episode

    One could argue that basically any episode that has the whole family in it could be considered important.

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