V For Vendetta
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Thread: V For Vendetta

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    Default V For Vendetta

    People, three words. GO SEE IT! Very good movie made by the creators of "Matrix". "VFV"(v for vendetta, the short way of saying it) is about a...how can I put this?..."terrorist" known only as "V" who is fighting for freedom in futuristic Great Britain, which is run by a tyrennical dictator much like Adolf Hitler. V, to make his acts of defiance known, blows up some of Great Britain's greatest monuments. Why? Watch the movie and he'll explain it. The movie also centers around a woman names Evey, who, through a course of events, becomes V's "sidekick" of sorts(i don't want to ruin the story by saying too much). Anyway, I can't say a whole lot more or Ill mess up the story for those of you who haven't seen it. Great movie, though.

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    Default Re: V For Vendetta

    I actually didn't like it too much. I mean, all my friends kept on telling what a wonderful movie that was, but I didn't really like the action, the look of the film and especially the glorification of this V, who was actually quite a jerk.


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