Season 7 and Stevie
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Thread: Season 7 and Stevie

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    Default Season 7 and Stevie

    According to

    Spoiler for Spoiler:

    It Says the episode "Stevie in the hospital" Will be last appearence for Stevie, I cant understand why he wont be in the graduation episode considering him and malcolm are in the same grade. Could he die in this episode??

    Whata guys think?

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    Default Re: Could Stevie Die??

    I think you should have put spolier tags around is a major spoiler, and i know it has already been mentioned, and there has been people who didnt want to read about it.
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    Default Re: Could Stevie Die??

    Thanks Samboo. Yes kimmy, they should be in a spoiler, but I fixed it for you.
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    Default Re: Season 7 and Stevie

    We already have a thread on this

    Posted this info a month ago

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    Default Re: Season 7 and Stevie

    Not sure if any of you guys who visited that link noticed but after they say that this will be Stevie's final appearance, they also say that his previous appearance was in "Kitty's Back" from last season, when he has been in at least two (that I know of) episodes since then.

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    Default Re: Season 7 and Stevie

    That's really worrying. Stevie is such a cool character and i really don't want him to be dead!! Tell me more when you know about it!!
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