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Thread: Creepiest movie moment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildcat
    The Final Destination series is my favorite out of the cheesy, mediocre horror movie genre. It's different than all the others cause the killer isn't a psychopath or a monster but fate/death its self. I also like the theme that you can't espcape your destiny. I haven't seen the third one yet though.
    its supposed to be scary but it really isnt

    also what freeks me out the most are windows especilaay when you cant see out of them and its dark it really scares me i suppose it got that from seeing too many scary films

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    The only scary film i have watched is 'final destination'. I first watched that when i was 11. I was scared out of my pants(aaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhhh). I recently watched it again, and it made me laugh because it was so unbeliveable.
    That is the only scary movie i have seen, though, and i'm not planning, on watching any, anytime soon. Mind due my mum said i can watch 'The Shining' when i'm 18. She says this beacuse even though she has watched it so many times, she still gets scared a bit.
    NB- My Dad has been to that hotel, that was used in 'The Shining'. It's located in Denver, Colorado!
    I love Malcolm In The Middle

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