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  1. Thanks for watching!

    tjpeople -

    Thanks for the nice post!
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    Can't really post anything because it's copyrighted and the studio holds the copyright.
  3. Thanks for watching!

    Thanks for watching! We hope to do more episodes but it's dependent on viewership and sponsorship. If you liked it, send the link to your friends. The more people that see it, the better!
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    In most cases you get asked to come in and pitch,...

    In most cases you get asked to come in and pitch, and if they like one of your ideas you write it. You could also get assigned an episode that they don't have time to write. Kind of varies on a...
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    How it all began...

    Thought people might be interested in hearing the origin of MITM. Linwood Boomer originally wrote the pilot episode as a writing sample. Hollywood TV writers routinely write what are called "Spec...
  6. Thanks for watching!

    Thanks for watching! I'll definitely weigh in on some other topics, and maybe post a couple of interesting stories about the show.
  7. New web series "Daryl From OnCar" from MITM writer Ron Corcillo
    Hi Malcolm fans! I'm Ron Corcillo, co-writer of the MITM episode "Future Malcolm." I have a new web-based series appearing on called "Daryl...
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