XML buttons


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I noticed the buttons to view the site in XML, but all i get is "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below." above the code.

I'm using firefox by the way, and i have viewed xml pages that had stylesheets i guess linked to them? And they have worked fine. Is it an error or is there something i'm not understanding? I have been wondering for a while why they didin't seem to be working so if someone could explain it to me, i'd be grateful :D.


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Our XML doesn't have any style of its own I am afraid, its usually used in these news type programmes which use their own style. I don't really know much about XML I just put them there on request of tj.


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lol he's here quite a bit to enjoy them, huh?

Vincent, you need a newsreader. I recommend www.newsgator.com. (BTW I haven't actually used that program--it's a rather random recommendation, but I think it's free). Then you put in the URL of the XML page and it will display it for you in RSS format.