Who is everyones favourite top 5 characters and why?


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My first favourite character is Reese. This is becuase he is funny, sometimes ridiculous, he reminds me of how i can be sometimes and he is spontaneous. My 2nd favourite character would have to be Dewey, becuase he reminds me of one of my own friends who is really good at playing the piano, he can be sensible, demanding and selfless, when he aides the buseys. My third favorite character is Jessica, the blonde curly girl who is manipulative, funny, girly and can be eluding. One of the main reasons is i like her hair and personality. My fourth favourite character is Caroline Miller. The First krelboyne teacher who herkabe replaced. I like the way she deals with her class, she is quite emotional, she is caring and compassionate. Finally, my final favourite charcater is Malcolm, the protagonist of the series. He is smart, can be funny, does brain things which scare hal sometimes and the way he is bullied by reese.


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My first favorite is definitely Reese, he's funny,cute, and spontaneous. Justin Berfield was the perfect choice to play him! Second is Dewey, I love music and he's adorable and kind and he's selfless, most of the time. Third,is Lois , she loves her family, even though they drive her crazy at times . But she loves these boys, and she wouldn't trade them for anything. Fourth is Malcolm, he reminds me of me; smart, ambitious, a bit annoying at times, and precocious. Last is Hal, he's hilarious, he is a loving father, just not interested at all times.


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My top 5 favorite characters

My first favorite character would definitely be Lois. I love her so much, and she's hilarious when she's angry. Like, really angry. Like, whispering angry and full of rage.
My second favorite character would be Dewey. He's adorable in the first and second seasons and is funny in all of them.
My third favorite character is Reese. He's always up to something and it's always funny, especially in Reese's Apartment.
My fourth favorite character is Francis. I like the story when he is at Marlin Academy, but it got kind of boring for me when he's at the Grotto and the logging camp. I like Francis because of his relationship with Lois.
My fifth favorite character is Malcolm because... I like him a lot and his personality. I just like him I guess.:confused:


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My first favorite character is no doubt Malcolm. He's smart, he's funny, he is one of the best narrators I've ever seen, and he's a cold-hearted cynic. His personality is unlike everyone's around him, and he is ultra-crazy when it comes to girls.
My second favorite is Stevie, he's so underrated, but he is so badass. After season two, he's sure of himself and after the carnival, loves to stir up trouble with Malcolm. The best part - is that he is so innocent in the adults' eyes and it's a case of 'oh that darn Malcolm!' and Stevie usually gets away scott-free! He's just a poor helpless Krelboyne to most people, but he secretly kicks more ass than Reese.
My third favorite has to be Cynthia. At first I hated her because I thought she was creepy and over attached. But then I realized Malcolm did the same things in different forms. And in the later episode, she is putting herself up for ridicule to save Malcolm by admitting that she and Malcolm had sex. (When they really didn't) I mean really, girls go through enough crap (especially ones of her bust size) of being sluts for no reason, and she just sacrificed herself so that Malcolm wouldn't have to go play soldier. Seriously, that is some selfless shit right there.
My fourth favorite character would have to be Francis. Even though he hates his mother, made Dewey drink diseased rainwater for a stupid cookie, and married someone a month after they met, he is hardworking, determined and will rebel against all odds. He also made some stupid, bored Marlin seniors stop in their tracks just by describing his mother, Francis must have some pretty tough skin to get through that. While he is certainly less than perfect, his flaws create intrigue.
My fifth favorite character is Dewey. Who couldn't love sweet, innocent, slightly annoying, Dewey? Refreshingly honest and an extra dose of cute is just what the doctor ordered for this train-wreck family. Dewey is so scarred by the final season, but doesn't use that to bully tiny itty bitty Jamie, but to have a different bond with him. Dewey remains mostly uncorrupted and sweet through all the crap and the world throws at him for no reason. Dewey - like Francis, is one hell of a trooper.