Who do you most relate to on MITM?


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I guess I can kind of relate to Francis. I'm th oldest in my family and I'm frequently mean to my younger siblings, but it might be because I really don't want any part of their lives, but at the same time I want them to look up to me. So I do something in some way to express leadership. Then there're my younger siblings, with my lil bro#1 who's lazy and watched TV all day while at the same time being mean to my other lil sibs; lil bro#2 who's a frickin' genius... my little sister's not like anyone though....

Ironically, my age is nearest Eric Per Sullivan's. XD I loooove Dewey. =)


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Me too. If you took Malcolm, made him sort of a slacker, gave him a modest measure of social skills, and reduced the IQ by around 50, you'd have me.