What happened to Eric?


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Song in Eric's last appearance


After some unsuccessful searching, I've come here to ask if anyone knows the song playing when they show Eric throw up his hands in the air as Francis drives by him on the road.

I've also posted a separate thread about it and here is a link to the episode.

The scene starts at 19:01

The song info would be very much appreciated. Thanks!


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It's very unlikley, and just a guess, but I think ERIC FOUND AND KILLED COLNEL SPANGLER!!!!!!

For one thing he was Commandant Spangler, not Colonel, and secondly Eric knew exactly where Spangler was because he and Francis found him a job at a retirement home.

Personally I doubt he would have gone home because his Dads probably disowned him as Lois did to Francis for most of 3x02 Emancipation. He probably hitchhiked to another town and found another menial job. Possibly in Canada or at a push northern USA.