What are you reading right now?


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Anyone reading any good books at the moment? I don't really read lots of books because i find alot of them boring, but some books i do like are the James Bond books :) Im currently reading Casino Royale by Ian Fleming (a movie of this book is coming out next year). It is a very good book so far, and it has great detail that is well explained like his strategy at roulette and his theory of how many people it would take to rob the cashier at the casino. I think these type of books are intersting, but how about you? What book are you reading now or what was the last book you read. Or if you haven't read a book in a while, what kind of books do you enjoy reading? I thought it might be interesting to see what kind of things you all read :)


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I read a lot of historical fiction and fantasy. But, I don't REALLY pick the books I read anymore. Rather, I pick an author for my English projects and "have to" read a bunch of books by them. Since they are authors I like, I probably would have read the books anyway, but now I don't have a choice. Also, books from History (Naomi and some other book I'm forgetting) and German extra credit projects.

Right now, I'm reading Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie, who is my current author. I have to finish 2 more books by him, 1 biography of him and 1 critical review book on him by the end of summer.

I'm hoping to eventually get to A Short History of Nearly Everything (I borrowed it from a friend a year back:eek:).

And, I suppose the book that takes up most of my time deserves some credit (No it doesnt! It's horrible:(). It's called Algebraic Codes for Data Transmission and it doesn't explain anything:Angry:.


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Books I have to read for English are:

"The Woman Who Walked into Doors" by Roddy Doyle.
"Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen.

Books I am reading for leisure, are:

"Albert Einstein" (a biography) by Albrecht Folsing.
"A Wrinkle in Time" by Madeleine L'Engle.
"In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash" by Jean Shepherd.
"A Beautiful Mind" (a biography of mathematician John Nash, who succumbed to schizophrenia in 1959, when he was thirty years old. He's recovered from it now, though.)

I also want to start reading "On the Road" (by Jack Kerouac) properly, but I can't seem to find it in my library.


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The best book I have ever read was entitled "Utopia" by Lincoln Child. It tells the story of a new multi-million dollar thrill park trying to protect itself and its guests from being blown up by terrorists. A fascinating read.


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I have to read 'Animal Farm' by Geroge Orwell for school. But I'll list all those books I read lately:
'Starhawk: Planet America'
'Starhawk: The Fourth Empire'
'Starhawk: Battle at Zero Point'
'Starhawk: Storm over Saturn'
And I'm waiting for, and I don't know when it's coming out: 'Starhawk: The Earth War'
They are by Mack Maloney. These are really good sci-fi. 5000 years in the future, everything hovers, gaint galatic empire, that happens to place power into three brothers, the first was super religious, the second, ruthless, evil, mean, the third (was not a brother) still exists in a corner of the galaxy and has a massive fleet of super soldiers, and the fourth is corrupt bureaucracy of nothingness. Hawk Hunter just appears on a planet and fights the fourth empire. Really great reads.

The next is:
'Halo: The Fall of Reach'-Eric Nyland
'Halo: The Flood'-William C. Dietz
'Halo: 'First Strike'-Eric Nyland
I think those are the authors names.
What's to explain, year 2550, Spartan-117 goes and kicks alien butt.

followed by
'Atlantis: Bermuda Triangle'
'Attack on Atlantis'
'Battle for Atlantis'
there are others I haven't read in this series. It's about alternate realities (remember the Third Option thread Sam? these are the books) and fighting in them. By Greg Donegan

'Red Thunder' by John Varley. These bunch of friends and a retired astrounaut, and a slow cousion of his tap into a "squeezer" drive, warps the 5 dimension and they build a space ship to rescue America's first mission to Mars. The Chinese race the americans and lose. The ship set to rescue them(because they can't take off after they land due to a fuel tank explosion) is called the Red Thunder. They get there in 4 days with the squeezer drive and save America's mission to Mars.
It's a real nice book.

'Death Day'
'Earth Rise'
By William C. Dietz. It's when Aliens enslave humans to help them find their paradise. Humans revol and win. it's a nice armageddon to sucess series.

Hitchikers Gide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams is really confusing, but interesting.

'Spec Ops. Squad: Holding the Line'
'Spec Ops. Squad: Deep Strike'
'Spec Ops. Squad: Sucker Punch'
By Rick Shelly. Earth joins the Alliance of Light and fghts bad aliens along with good aliens. These were good books too.

And finally:
'Worldwar: In the Balance'
'Worldwar: Tilting the Balance'
'Worldwar: Upsetting the Balance'
'Worldwar: Striking the Balance'

'Colonization: Second Contact'- Which I'm reading now.
'Colonization: Down To Earth'-didn't read
'Colonization: Aftershocks'-didn't read

'Homeward Bound'-didn't read

All by Harry Turtledove. Same series, but broken up for the time periods. 'Worldwar' is in the 1940's
Colonization is the 1960's-1970's
Homeward Bound (HB) is oday

About aliens who try to take over Earth. They fail and settle for the southern half. USA, UK, USSR, Greater German Reich, Canada, and Japan are all that's left. 'Colonization' is when the Colonization fleet arrives and find they don't have the whole planet. Humans have bases on the Moon, and walked on Mars and the astroid belt. HB is when humans take the fight to the alien's home planet. These are my favorites.

There. I did it. I listed all my sci-fi books. :D


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Im always reading. I read all kinds of books.
My favourite novels are "Jurassic Park" and "The Lost World" by Michael Crichton; "The Jungle Book" by Rudyard Kipling, "The Lost World" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Recently I've read the biography of Albert Einstein too, and "Neanderthal", I dont remember the name of the writer. But I didnt like it very much.


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I'm reading Ataturk, by Andrew Mango. It's a biography of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of the modern Turkish republic. It's actually very readable despite being very in-depth, it's fascinating.


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I think I'll add to that long list of what I already read:

Legion of the Dammed
The Final Battle
By Blood Alone -almost done
By Force of Arms -1/2 way through
For More Then Glory - 1/2 way through
For Those Who Fell -didn't read yet

All more sci-fi. All by William C. Dietz (Again) :D Humanity in 500 years, has super cyborgs, people literally brought back from death and put back into cybernetic bodies (hence Legion of the Damned) Humans start the Confederacy, an organization of Alien races, all living like a democracy. The the Hudathans come, try to kill the humans, and hope to kill the fledgling Confederacy with it. They fail big time. The the get their own cyborg soldiers, and fail again thanks to "some" help from the now well built Confederacy, then The Sheen come, try to kill a race that's trying to use the Confederacy as a shield to protect them, they get destroyed. And that's all I am so far. :D

Pandora's Star
Judas Unchained -didn't read yet

It's been a while, let me see if I can remember it; by Peter Hamilton, Humanity trying to fight this unknown enemy. It's so-so, but not bad.

And probably the best one I read since Starhawk:

The Chronicles of Solace Trilogy:

The Depths of Time
The Ocean of Years
The Shores of Tomorrow

Guess what? Dietz did these too. :D Awesome books about how a man is framed by this trillionaire who terraforms planets, the only problem is that the faster you terraform a planet, the faster it collapses, It's like mystery sci-fi, so I won't reveal anything more. If you like sci-fi, or mystery, or if you want to try something different, then get off the computer (or log on to amazon :D) and buy these books now. Seriously.

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Oh, man... That sounds so intriguing. But I'm not about to leave the computer just yet. :)

Michael Crichton is such a fantastic writer... I don't read as much as I used to...


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I'm reading 'La Princesse de Clèves', from Mme de la Fayette, for school ... It's so bored :sleep:
It's a classical love story, where the princess love an other man than his husband, but his husband know him, and the princess and the other man can't be together. Near the end, the princess' husband died, but the princess even doesn't want to be with the other man, and she died alone too... :yawn:


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Now that I have no school reading to do, I'm re-reading Jurassic Park and The Lost World. I am about to start Dave Pelzer's series, starting with A Child Called it my therapist recommended it to me.