Underrated Episodes


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What episodes do you think are underrated? For me, I'd say "Cliques" is one of the most underrated episodes. It was certainly one of the best Season 3 episodes, and it was just plain hilarious seeing all the cliques square off each other.


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Wow, that's a great question. There's quite a few episodes that don't really seem to mean that much to me in title but when I watch I am reminded they are so much more.

I would probably list:
Convention, Surgery, Malcolm vs. Reese, Charity, Monkey, Hal Grieves, Hal Sleepwalks, Butterflies, Malcolm Holds His Tongue, Academic Octathlon, and most of season 5, which many people say was the low point of the series.


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Simple. "Malcolm hold his tounge". If Im correct, this is listed in our list as one of the bottom 25 episodes.
....WHY?! I personally think this episode is hilarious, and Hal has one, if not his best, plot ever(the speed walking thing!)! This episode is so underrated it's sick.:mad:


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Lois Battles Jamie - Probably one of my favorite episodes ever. It was cool to see Lois and the kids when they were younger. It explained alot about Lois too, which was good.

Boatrip - Not sure of the name, but this is the one where they go on a boat. I've always liked this episode, and this was the one that got me back into MITM, and got me posting on here.

If I can think of more I'll post again.


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Great question Hedrix. I love Cliques too! One of my favorite episodes, and it is definitely underrated. Some other eps that I really like are Reese Drives, Thanksgiving and Reese Joins the Army I--which are all in the bottom 25 in the episode guide. I can't believe they're rated so low. I think they're some of the best episodes!


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I agree, Cliques is a very good BUT underrated episode. Also, like Yargames, I believe that Academic Octathalon is another VERY good episode that is seriously underrated.


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In response to Sam's posts:

Yeah, there were quite a few episodes in Season 5 that I thought were rather average. Same with Seasons 3 & 4.

And I agree with you about the episode titles - some of them didn't sound appealing IMO.


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If you ask me "Bowling" is seriously underrated..the two parallel plots, thats just genius..and seeing how Hal and Lois react different to the same situations. I also agree that "Thanksgiving" is underrated..Reese being so obsessed about his cooknig is nice to watch, oh, and the monkfish makes a nice appearance too :D
I personally consider bowling one of the top three, if not the best episode of mitm. But best on previous polls I think this is a view widely shared, I'm not sure if it necessarily is underrated- possibly in the sense that it didn't receive enough awards and accalades.