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Lol I know 15 years late, but in my defense I was 4 when this thread started lol.
I recently watched the episode and the ending confused me as well.

The exact quotes were "

00:20:41 People aren't willing to think outside the box. See, the answer was there all the time.
00:20:46 Someone just had to see it. Once I found out he was a bird lover, well, it all made sense.
00:20:51 - And everything was at Radio Shack? - Everything but the hat.
00:20:55 You know what, Hal? Your solution was so brilliant, would you mind walking me through it one more time, step-by-step, just so I understand it completely?
00:21:03 Honey, no, it was so exhausting. I don't think I'll talk about it ever again.

Did Hal turn him into some kind of automated scarecrow•?
Probably sparked the creativity when earlier the doctor mentioned years can pass and patients cam still fully recover from a "vegetative" state lol.
Thanks for bringing back the thread!