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Does anyone watch the O.C? I am a member of the O.C forums as lala obviously!! Check it out!! Does anyone else like the O.C?


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I used to watch it but i went off it halfway through the first season. I think it's an ok show as far as it goes, it's always quite fun to see spoilt kids bickering amongst each other; and all the over the top partying and driving of fancy cars is quite funny to watch. But i just thought that the characters didn't have the depth to sustain my interest. Also it seemed like the show was losing it's humour and trying to become too serious, which put me off quite a bit. I guess really i couldn't get passed thinking that it's essentially a soap opera, and therefore although it can be quite entertaining, i lost patience with it.
Personally i rate the O.C 5 out of 10 as it's O.K but not amazingly good!! lala dared me to watch it once and well i watched about half of it so i actually got through an episode which is good for me!! I get it's about Seth, Summer, Ryan, Zack and Marisa or something like that and how they get on with life in California, Orange county!! The theme tune as far as i know was California by Phantom planet which is a truly classic song!!


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Ive never seen it but ive heard it's good. I know Mike (reese35) likes it...dont ask me why but i always remember that detail!
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I've totally changed since i last posted. The O.C is a really good program and i'd rate it about 9 out of 10. The plot and Characters are really good!!


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I like the OC. It's really interesting, and yeah it is like a soap. But i would say it is better, i would watch it over Eastenders any day. I enjoyed season 1. the most.


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The O.C is great, I do agree its basically a soap for teens :D its the same methods really, lots of different plot lines inserted into a few people over a long period of time. It's not a bad show at all... also cool to watch a show that doesnt have people always worrying about money issues (Usually lol)


The O.C. is a pretty good show... but I have to admint that the 3rd season is not as good as the two fist. A good entertainment, though.


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Well, I bet you haven't seen season 3's finale. I don't wanna spoil surprises, but someone MAJOR got killed off. I'll leave you to guess unless you've seen the press releases. ;):p

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My friend adores the OC.

I dislike that show. It just seems too silly and superficial.