Some things I love about the show


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I love the fact that Hal loves Lois so much. How he is still attracted to her and has eyes for her only. How they often get carried away with each other and show public displays of affection. : )

I love how childlike Hal is and how at times his behavior reflects that of his boys, showing exactly where they got their mischieviousness.

I love how hard the boys hit each other, how tough they are, how pain doesn't stop them and how they never learn from pain, they just continue doing things that cause physical trauma.
Reminds me of when I was a kid in a household of 6 siblings..and I"m a girl!

I love how the writers conveyed to us the true American family when money is tight, how some Americans may have to eat "rice and macaroni" and " macaroni and rice" (causing constipation as Reece said), and how the boys wore each others hand me downs.

I love how the writers showed a family whose house may not always be perfect and may be messy, that all lawns aren't perfectly manicured and not everyone drives a new car.

I love how this imperfect family loves each other imperfectly, and that parents do mess up, they dont' always make great decisions, and yet in the end, the bond that ties them together is just as strong as the most perfect American household.

This show makes me laugh out loud and has kept me company many a night during these years of insomnia. I love that!