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This isn't likely to happen anytime very soon, but i'd like your input.

We have been know as "Malcolm in the Middle Voting Community" from the very start of the site. When the focus was voting on episodes.

However the community aspect really started to happen when the forums where launched. Soon the forum and community become the focus of the site and the voting secondary.

As is natural the site name is often shortened to "Malcolm in the Middle VC" or "MITMVC".

Now, I don't want to loose or ignore our history, however I'm not sure "Voting Community" really works anymore. (since voting is no longer available)

However we do need a name of some sort, we can't just be "Malcolm in the Middle". This is where me and AlexTheMartian where chatting a while back. He suggested changing to "Malcolm in the Middle Viewers Community".

"Viewers Community" is exactly what we are, it describes the site well. As well we are keeping the "VC" / "MITMVC" / "Malcolm in the Middle VC".

We are also top for that google search already:

As I have done with the new site header, I have drawn focus away from "Voting Community" and just used "VC".

So there are a few options,

  • We could rebrand and just be known as "Malcolm in the Middle VC" (or MITMVC for short) with only a historical reference to what "VC" stands for.
  • We could rebrand and be known as "Malcolm in the Middle Viewers Community" as our full title that is often shortened to "Malcolm in the Middle VC" (or MITMVC for even shorter) with only a historical reference to what "VC" originally stood for.
  • Stay the same

We arn't a UK site, we never really have been. We are global. Granted our founder and myself are British but I for sure have been very careful to be as global as possible. The domain is a great domain to have. It's a well respected domain and is all over the internet. Its ranked high.

However I would prefer a more global doamin, leads some people to think we are UK focused and this puts some people off.

We own (which directs here)

It's a perfect global domain and .tv is obviously perfect.

Anyway, I'd love your thoughts, tell me why I'm worng or right, what would you like to see happen?

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Hmm, I don't see a harm in changing "Voting" to "Viewers" it does makes sense, like you said, since there is no longer voting available, it could be misleading for newcomers etc. It could be explained in the 'About' section what it use to be and why it was changed.
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I agree with Evil. And the .tv switch is a great idea.