Similar to MITM Shows


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What do you think of shows similar to MITM like Oliver Beene, or Brothers Garicia, Complete Savages etc.

I take a liking to them for the same reasons I like MITM, probably due to the similarity as well, but what do you folk think about them?


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I didn't watch the Brothers Garcia, but I did watch Complete Savages and Oliver Beene enough to love the shows (but not as much as MitM). God rest their souls....:p


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I liked Oliver Beene until they took ripping of Malcolm too far, with stuff like the slamming door effect.


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I really liked complete savages too, but sadly it only lasted 1/2 a season then got canned. I think it was better than most of the sitcoms they kept. I guess it's just a matter of opinion (and money) though. :rolleyes:


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I've been getting into The War at Home a bit this season. I mainly started watching because Kyle Sullivan, who played Dabney on MITM, starred. It's similar in some ways, but the comedy is much more stand-up and direct, rather than the subtle humor MITM fans have become accostomed to. (Sometimes it's good to not hav eto think in order to understand the joke. :))

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It seems most TV has become that way nowadays.