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What an amazing sitcom it is. They say the best comedy is making dull things funny. Jerry as the always-funny everyman never gets old to me. Seinfeld is definitely in with my four-way tie for favorite show between MITM, Cheap Seats, the Colbert Report, and itself.

I go to middle school in Santa Monica, and Larry David's (THE CREATOR AND CO-PRODUCER OF SEINFELD!) daughter goes there. Pretty awesome, I'll say. Unfortunately, she's pretty dim (disregard this sentence, Mr. David SIR!) When I gather up my thoughts, I'll give him a letter or something (let me know if you want to say anything to him/have any questions. ;D).

Anyway, what do you think about the show?


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I don't tend to just sit down and watch Seinfeld. But if it happens to be on I won't change the channel or anything. I enjoy it, I know the characters and stuff, but I've never really been hooked on it.


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I am with yardgames on this one.

However sometimes the situations they get it in just so embarrassing to watch (and sometimes kind of rude), but it is still a very funny show.

I used to like watching it sometimes, but I no longer watch it.

And I have seen Bryan Cranston as Jerry's dentist even before Malcolm in the Middle started, however it took me a while to make the connection in my brain, lol


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I love the Seinfeld episodes where Bryan plays Jerry's dentist. Especially the one where Jerry thinks his dentist and the hygienist are having an affair in the room while he's under anesthesia for the dental treatment.