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PLEASE NOTE: The Reputation system has been replaced by the "Thanks" system, if you see a good post, give it a "Thanks".

The powerful forum software used by these forums has many features, among them a reputation system that has caused a fair amount of confusion amongst members. Each member has the ability to give good and bad reputation to any member for any given post. Generally, we encourage giving just good reputation, and not giving bad reputation.

To give a reputation point for a post, click this button at the bottom of the post:
. The system will ask you if you approve or disapprove and for any comments you wish to save with your reputation. The comments field is optional, and like I said, we recommend giving only positive reputation.

You can check your reputation from your User Control Panel; just click the link from the Quick Links dropdown option.

Next to each person's posts, you will see a line similar to this:
Rep Power: A number, followed by a bunch of green squares.

The green squares are the actual reputation points, and are not related to the number in any way. The more squares present, the more reputation that person has. Light green squares have more power than dark green squares. The number of squares increases when people give you reputation.

The number is the so-called rep power that you have if you give reputation to someone else. So, for example, if two people give rep power to a single post, they may not give equal number of points. The higher your rep power, the more points you will give when you give reputation. That means that you will receive more points if a person with high rep power, like a senior member or moderator, give you reputation, than if a junior member gives you reputation.

That's not to say that junior members should not give reputation. We encourage all members to give reputation points. Your rep power increases exponentially both when you give and when you receive reputation.

The reputation system can be extremely confusing, but it can also be a valuable way to show your appreciation for posts and encourage members to continue to post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here.
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