Personal Top 10 Episodes


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Some great choices there Rollerskates and Boys vs. Girls are also some of my top 10 favourite episodes.

I haven't seen Reese vs. Stevie yet, but I am sure I will soon! :D

Welcome to the community Ears I hope to read some more interesting posts soon.
Re: so funny

I'm not absolutely sure but hey i'll have a go:
1- Red Dress
2- Pilot
3- Water Park
4- Chad's Sleepover
5- Motivational Seminar
6- Cheerleader
7- If boys were girls
8- Flashback
9- Deweys Special Class
10- Book Club

As you may see i like season 1 episodes like the pilot ansd Red Dress!! I also like season 6 episodes when M,R and D look a lot older!!


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I'm going to do scenes too rather than episodes because that's just easier. It's too hard to pick episodes because there's too many good ones! :D

10. Day Care—I don’t really care for this episode as a whole, but Reese’s version of “Amazing Grace” at the end makes me laugh hysterically every time I see it.

9. Halloween Approximately—the slingshot scenes were hilarious. Reese: “Violence just got a little more Random!”

8. Cliques—The whole episode is good, but I really liked the part where Hal is going to knock over the dominoes in the middle of the night and finds Reese guarding them with a bat. He says something like “Turn around old man, there’s nothing for you here.” I love that scene for some reason, I don’t know why.

7. Stilts—The ending where everything comes together at Lucky Aid. Reese laying on the horse backwards was hilarious.

6. Reese vs. Stevie—Reese’s and Malcolm’s conversation at the end. Awww…

5. Dewey’s Dog—All of the scenes where Dewey torments Malcolm and Reese were good.

4. Malcolm vs. Reese—Where Malcolm and Reese get back at Francis at the end. That whole scene was classic!

3. The Bully—Loved the end where Reese goes back to being a bully and beats up all the other bullys. Dabney: “We need you back”. Reese: “What do you mean, I was a jerk!” Lloyd: “Yes, but you were the Alpha Jerk!”

2. Red Dress—All of the scenes with Lois and the boys were hilarious. This is my favorite episode as a whole.

1. Family Reunion—I love the golf cart scene. Classic!


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Don't know why it took me so long to post in this thread, but there you go. Here's a list of ten that stick in my memory, although it may be different if i had a chance to watch some episodes i hadn't seen in a while.

2)If boys were girls
3)Dewey's opera: these first three all make the list because they are very funny and also because of the creative format of each episode.
5)Red Dress
6)Malcolm babysits: this is the first time the writers really explore the Wilkersen family dynamic, they may seem dysfunctional but they care about each other, and are not phoney like the other family.
7)Krelboyne picnic: here we begin to understand Malcolm's insecurities and unease at his own intelligence.
8)Baby 1&2: classic sitcom storyline where one thing after another goes wrong, all leading up to the climax of the episode(s)
9)Malcolm's girlfriend: very underrated this, funny to see the family's reaction to malcolm's first real girlfriend, and also Malcolm's headlong charge into disaster, great ending too.

I fully expect Reese joins the army to make this list when i finally get to see it, we'll see!


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I don't know why my reasons for my bottom ten haven't been posted but here are my bottom ten:

9:Watching The Baby
7:Malcolm Visits College
6:Malcolm Dates A Family
5:Tiki Lounge
2:Krelboyne Girl
1:Cynthia's Back


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best evr episode?

Spoiler for the best ever episode is...:

;) the best ever episode is...
i rekon it has 2 be deweys special class.;)


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Re: best evr episode?

Welcome to the forums. You're one of the few people who are able to choose just one episode I thinnk. :D We ask that you please refrain from txt speak and use correct spelling and grammar, as we do have some non-native English speaking members who find txt speak annoying and difficult to understand. Thanks for your cooperation, and enjoy your time here.


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Since I joined this forum I have tried to see all the episodes that I haven't seen as they were shown on Sundays in the UK and I worked most of the time. I've got so many episodes in my head so I might get confused over which is which so sorry if some of them are miss labelled.

1- Red Dress, I loved this episode so much it just had to be number 1

2- Pilot, was really hard choice whether or not to put this as Number 1 or not as this has to be one of the best opening episodes to a sitcom ever!

3- Hal's Christmas Gift, I swear that I have never laughed so hard in my life the car scene was just hysterical and when Lois said she would do it again.... plus the rest was funny too with Hal taking Malcolm's credit card

4- Forwards backwards, that was great with Malcolm and Reese trying to out do each other in getting their own back

5- Baby 1 & 2 ( I know its 2 but what the hell) this was just so funny with Hal trying to get back to Lois, and with Francis having to deliver the baby... Ohh and Ida with Hal's friends ( on reflection I might put this higher??)

6- Experiment, Reese as he re-traced his steps was just so funny (and the music)

7- Malcolm visits College, loved the hole episode with Dewey and the home-made piano. Reese and the Narc was great too. Hard to pick what the best was in this episode, was just generally a great episode.

8- Malcolm's Car, this was great when he blow off all of his friends and commitments over this heap that just kept braking down and in the end almost killed him! Was classic MITM

9- Reese Joins the Army Part 2, this was great I loved all the plots, Hal's trial was just great and how it snapped Lois out of her delusional world and back to the real world as she found out the Hal had been blowing off Fridays for 15 years!! Then when Reese uses his experiences from growing up to get himself and his platoon out of the little prison, "little guy always get screwed".lol (Although I loved this one, I think that it could of been better if Dewey had a bigger part, just my opinion)

10- The bully, was great when all the Krelboynes where asking for Reese to come back and bully then as they couldn't handle the sudden power struggle that was created by Reese retiring from being the bully, and when you found out that it was Reese that was saving Malcolm from getting beatings every day (you might of thought he would be more grateful, lol)

There are some many other episodes that are popping up as I write these but I know that if I don't actually stop and settle with these I'd never finish!:D