OMG, Think about this a a cool PC game!

If this game was created by EA Games would you but it?

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Congrats on 600 and if you ever get it to work, be sure to share some screenshots with us and the actual house file so we can play in it! :) And thanks for the compliment about my floorplan, but I think Tyno actually delivered a better one. My little baby is that great timeline. :D


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Thanks :)

I have finished creating the house, and have uploaded some screencaps to show you what it looks like.

I had to make a couple of adjustments to the layout in the bedrooms so things would fit. The living room was the most difficult - I had to watch segments of various episodes to look at it from various angles.

Notice the extra detail in the bathroom - thought it was appropriate for the Wilkersons lol :D

I've posted the screencaps below, and I'll upload the house file tomorrow.
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Amazing... Just amazing. (I know this is old, but it's great. ^^)