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Has anyone seen the joke in Ocean's Twelve with Topher Grace (playing himself) and Brad Pitt. Topher Grace trashes a hotel room and Rusty (Brad Pitt) says something like " you didn't need to go all Frankie Muniz on me". I didn't really get it. Is it saying that Frankie has a reputation for trashing hotel rooms?... Just thought I would ask, see if anyone else understood it:D


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That's strange. I don't think Frankie has a rep for trashing hotel rooms. I don't get it either. :confused:


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Yea, ive seen the joke. And i read something about it. It was an inside joke kinder thing. It was a joke that he messed up rooms and them they did a joke on a joke. I cant remeber the story exactly (its really anoying me now)


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There was actually a story about this in early 2004 that I read about in entertainment magazines. Frankie SUPPOSEDLY(Im not accusing him of anything) messed up his motel room in New York one night whilst staying there. From what I read, he broke his lamp, tv, and messed up one of the pillows by ripping it open.
Ill see if I can find an article online about it anywhere.

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I'm a big fan of the Ocean's trilogy, and the first time I watched that part of Ocean's 12, I thought I was just hearing things. :p