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The profile button under the posts on the mitmvc site seem not to work it just reloads the current pgae.

correct me if im wrong.

edit; Ive found another thing, if you clcik the home page button undersomeones post on the mitmvc site it seems to load mitmvc site for whoever it is. i think its surposed to load the poster personal site, if they added one.


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If this is the button you mean, its not for the profile at all :D It is for the quick reply. As soon as you click on it it opens it up and you can start typing in it.

I can't see the other thing you are talking about, but if it is this Malcolm in the Middle Voting Community Boards this will take you to the sites portal page, which is not frequently used.

Feel free to ask questions, If you don't get something, its better to know, and it good that I know that people don't know, as I am sure other people are suffering the same problems.


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tjpeople said:
sorry u misunderstod me im referring to the first site - not the forums. the p[lace where you post comment about episodes.
sorry, about that, its my fault for calling them both the same thing :D

Yeah, I think its just a glitch in the software, but as we don't really use that for chatting I haven't fixed it, the software is very much messier than vbulletin, and I really can only fiddle with the gallery components without messing things up