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Re: Has anybody noticed any mistakes in MitM

Okay, I was looking through the TV Tome goofs and some of these goofs from Traffic Jam I don't think were in the episode at all:

If George had the rope, why couldn't he just use it to save Brittany from the river?
When Jack trashes the house, you can clearly see that the house is only a background.
When the fart bomb exploded and the kids tried running away, a camaraman is visible in a few of the shots.

Does anyone remember these at all?


Re: Has anybody noticed any mistakes in MitM

Hendrix said:
If George had the rope, why couldn't he just use it to save Brittany from the river?
When Jack trashes the house, you can clearly see that the house is only a background.
When the fart bomb exploded and the kids tried running away, a camaraman is visible in a few of the shots.
It sounds like the wrong TV show. I mean those names don't even mean anything in MITM.

Or maybe its a parody the people at TV Tome have set up for the internet reading public. It could be their own goof within the goof pages. Perhaps an intentional yet effective piece of irony.


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Re: Has anybody noticed any mistakes in MitM

That´s not really a mistake now, but in "Grandma sues" Reese said that he never reads unless he absolutely has to for school. When Malcolm asks him if he doesn´t even read comics he answers "no". But in "Dewey´s dog" Malcolm and Reese are quite upset because Dewey´s dog has destroyed their comic book collection. So Reese DOES read comics. :D


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Re: Has anybody noticed any mistakes in MitM

I wouldn't think that you'd notice a lot of the errors because of the whip cuts, but I suppose they're there.


Re: Has anybody noticed any mistakes in MitM

There is a lot of mistakes in ; but they're in French :D

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Re: Has anybody noticed any mistakes in MitM

This one was probably deliberate, but in "Krelboyne Picnic," watch for that scene where Dorene throws away Lois's brownies because she's concerned about nonexistent peanut allergies. Look right behind Dorene and there's a concession sign reading... wait for it.... "Peanuts"


Re: Has anybody noticed any mistakes in MitM

Well spotted. But I think you are right. It was probably deliberate to signify a sense of irony to the situation perhaps.

Dorene was a control freak, and destroying Lois' hard work was not so much about concerns about peanut allergies as it was about putting her in her place. She clearly said that nobody in the Krelboyne class actually suffers from the condition.

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Re: Has anybody noticed any mistakes in MitM

Another one. In "Malcolm Films Reese," The guys arresting the CEO are Hal's bosses from his flashback in "Company Picnic" where he remembers photocopying his butt.


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Here are some Goofs I found at - a few are old ones everyone will have seen before, but there are some new ones too including from Season 6.

  • Continuity: In the episode when Francis runs away from military school, he and his father are talking in the van. There is a pair of headlights behind them following very close, but when seen from outside, the car is driving down the rain soaked road with no car behind them.
  • Crew or equipment visible: In the episode "Red Dress", as Dewey is running to Lois to tell on Reese, you can see a crewmember with a bucket of water from which he has just handed the dripping dress to her, kneeling in the bottom left hand of the screen.
  • Crew or equipment visible: In the episode when Francis babysits, they clean the house. They realize it is now *too* clean and start blowing dirt out of a vacuum. As the camera backs up, the ceiling disappears, revealing the top of the set.
  • Continuity: In the Pilot, when Malcolm and Stevie are in Stevie's room eating cookies, the cookie in Malcolm's right hand disappears and reappears between shots.
  • Continuity: In "Rollerskates" Reese is playing with a Game Boy, which has no cartridge in it.
  • Continuity: In episode "Bowling", the monitor above Hal's lane at the bowling alley reads Lane 15. However, the number above the pins indicates he is actually bowling at Lane 26.
  • Continuity: Near the beginning the Season Six episode "Dewey's Opera", Malcolm and Reese are launching push pins into ping pong paddles. When Reese picks up a new push pin it is yellow. When it hits Malcolm's board, it is white.
  • Continuity: In the Season Six episode "Pearl Harbor," the family is eating pasta. When Lois asks Reese if he wants anymore, the camera is focused on both of them, and his plate is almost empty. However when the camera cuts to just Reese, his plate is full.
  • Boom mike visible: In the Pilot episode, Malcolm and Stevie are in his room. When Stevie is talking you can see the boom mike poking out at the bottom left part of the screen
  • Revealing mistakes: At the end of Lois vs. Evil, Malcolm speaks to camera with several children moving in the background. One boy doesn't know where or when to move and he tries to speak to someone off camera. In the end he gives up, shrugs his shoulders and walks off.


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Re: Goofs

A few of those are new and interesting. I guess continuity problems like that are bound to happen when you use just one camera.


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Re: Goofs

I know usesed to have a section on goof for each episode, there where wuite a few, however im not sure if has the same to offer....


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Re: Goofs

They still do at, under Trivia Guide:

Episode 1: Pilot

When Lois hangs up on Francis before saying "Oh, I love you", it seems as though the line is already disconnected (as can be heard from the dial tone from Francis' side), but in a later shot, Malcolm and Reese are just about to hang up the phone. (Edit)

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Episode 2: Red Dress

1) Wait for the part where all the kids are sitting around the table wrapping a just a second, the mom will come around the corner holding her burnt dress she found in the toilet
2) There she is! Look to the left of her and you can see a crew member handing her the red dress from a bucket full of water! He's right there...that's pretty bad! (Edit)

In this episode, Lois tape records the boys singing and dancing and says she'll show the tape to their friends at their next birthday (key word 'next'). But in "Forwards Backwards" we find out that Malcolm and Reese have never had a birthday party in their entire lives. (Edit)

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Episode 3: Home Alone 4

When Lois is in the car, she yells at someone outside, but her windows is closed. You can see her reflection in her mirror. (Edit)

While Malcolm, Reese, Dewey, and Francis are deliberately making their house messy, you can see right above their ceiling you'll see a bright light shining down and a black background. It shows that they film their interior of their house on a set. (Edit)

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Episode 8: Krelboyne Picnic

When Dorene throws away Lois's brownies, worried about nonexistent peanut allergies, look closely and you'll see a concession stand with big letters spelling out "Peanuts" (Edit)

When Malcolm offers a hamburger to crying Caroline, she wolfs down 2/3 of it, but after several shots it only has 2 nibbles out of it. (Edit)

When Stevie is setting up his project, you can see his wheelchair is tied to the table. Two shots later, the rope is gone! (Edit)

In 'Forwards Backwards', it said that Lois is allergic to nuts. If that is so, how was she able to make the almond brownie? (Edit)

When the Krelboynes made a run for it when Stevie's project explode, you can see a camaraman chasing after Malcolm for a shot. (Edit)

When Hal opens his cooler, the sausages are on the right. The next time he opens it, it's gone! (Edit)

When the Krelboynes were sitting around the picnic table waiting, you can see a camaraman taking shots from underneath the table. (Edit)

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Episode 10: Stock Car Races

When the guys first get to the track, Hal says they have 4 hours of this. When Caroline gets to Malcolm's house she said Malcolm had been ditching school. But then, when the story goes back to the guys, they are still at the track. I wouldn't think that Caroline would leave the school to come and talk to Lois. And I also don't think Malcolm only has 4 hours of school. (Edit)

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Episode 13: Rollerskates

Hal ask Malcolm to read the list of names to the man that held him in his arms the minute he was born (or something like that) but in later episode Flashback we see that Malcolm was born on the front lawn while Hal was gone for a drive and even when he came back he didn't hold the baby (actually he just offered Lois the rest of his Slurpee) (Edit)

Reese is playing with a Game Boy, which has no cartridge in it. (Edit)

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Episode 15: Smunday

When Malcolm is walking on the roof, it's clear that he's played by a stuntman and not Frankie Muniz. (Edit)

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Episode 16: Water Park (1)

When Malcolm pushes lois down the water slide you can here her going down and then she pulls Malcolm and Reese down (Edit)


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Re: Goofs

Episode 17: Traffic Jam (2)

When the fart bomb exploded and the kids tried running away, a camaraman is visible in a few of the shots. (Edit)

When Jack trashes the house, you can clearly see that the house is only a background. (Edit)

If George had the rope, why couldn't he just use it to save Brittany from the river? (Edit)

Look closely at every shot and you can see that the shadows from the cars are way off from time to time (probably because the shots were taken from different days). (Edit)

At the shot when the thief takes a sharp turn into a dirt road, you can't see Dewey in the backseat. Probably like that because the turn was done by a professional driver. (Edit)

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Episode 19: Lois's Birthday

Lois gives the boys $30 to spend on her presant(s), well they claim that the 3 dumb things they bought, totaled up to $8. later when Frances was arguing with them, he said thet they spent the rest on candy so the candy totaled up to $22. Helater says that there was $20 worth of candy. (Edit)

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Episode 24: Therapy

At the start of the harvest dance Malcolm is wearing a yellow shirt under his jester costume, later he is wearing a white shirt with blue stripes. (Edit)

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Episode 37: Malcolm vs. Reese

When Francis gets pulled over, his window is open and closed between shots. (Edit)

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Episode 41: Flashback

When Lois goes into labour with malcolm, she runs outside taking Francis and Reese with her. When Francis says "You're a liar, you're a liar!" watch the back window of the car and you will see the camera and camera operator reflection in the window (Edit)


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Re: Goofs

Episode 53: Company Picnic (2)

There are a few problems in the hockey game. First, when the fight breaks out and the end, the clock is still running and the game is continuing. Whenever there is a fight in hockey the game is stopped. Second, when Frances goes for the game winning goal, he pokes the puck in with a broken hockey stick. It is a penalty to play with a broken stick, so the goal should have been disallowed. (Edit)

When Francis is dragged along the ice at the end of the episode, supposedly naked, his black trousers are clearly visible in one shot. (Edit)

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Episode 56: Hal's Birthday

While Lois and Piama are at the table talking, Lois asks Piama about her bracelet. Goin back to every shot the bracelet is in a different place on Piama's arm (Edit)

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Episode 63: Monkey

Reese's Hat: "MPD"

The hat Reese dons while announcing his intent to become a cop says"MPD." The 'M' might possibly stand for Millbrook, the only town name mentioned in the series. (Edit)

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Episode 58: Dewey's Dog

When Hal comes into Lois' office, you can see Craig in the office behind her sitting up straight in his chair then he gets up and leaves after staring at Hal for a while. When Hal turns around, Craig is lying on the couch sick. (Edit)


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Re: Goofs

Episode 65: Humilithon

Malcom says he was a krelboyne for four years, but he said later he was a krelboyne for three years (and he was). (Edit)

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Episode 66: Family Reunion

Hal says that his father was never there when he got dumped... But in episode 7, "Francis Escapes" Hal tells Francis he's never been dumped... (Edit)

Lois says that she just found Hal's family has nicknamed her "Lois Common Denominator". I thought she discovered that Season 1's "Home Alone 4" when she and Hal went to a wedding? (Edit)

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Episode 68: Forwards Backwards

The supposed "Amazing Spider-Man #14" that is featured is actually a copy of "Amazing Spider-Man #351". Craig calls it a 1993 reprint of #14, yet #351 is actually from 1991! (Edit)

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Episode 74: Long Drive

Malcolm's seat belt changes from on to off the first scene with him and his mom in the car. When it's a shot from the front it's on...but when it's a shot from the side (from the driver's/mom side) you can see that the part of the seat belt that's going across is now behind Malcolm, instead of on him like it was a second ago. This changes back and forth. (Edit)

Hal states that Malcolm was supposed to pick Dewey up at school, but the earlier episode "Humilithon" established that Dewey now walks home unsupervised. (Malcolm doesn't yet have a driver's license, so this can't be a matter of convenience.) (Edit)

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Episode 70: Malcolm Holds His Tongue

While Reese and Craig are talking the cake repeatedly appears and disappears depending on whether we face Reese or Craig. (Edit)

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Episode 76: Stereo Store

Flying pencils poked out from inside the box! The lead was pointing the wrong way. (Edit)

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Episode 82: Future Malcolm

In the last chess scene of the show where Leonard and Malcolm set up the chess pieces on the board, just before George comes over and knocks over all the pieces to ask Leonard for money - Malcolm who set up the white pieces on the board, had arranged the white king and queen wrongly! (Edit)

In one of the scenes where Leonard and Malcolm are playing chess, after Leonard tells a passing guy to shut off the music he calls crap, observe the white bishop on the board. After a few shots, it suddenly disappears from the scene! (Edit)


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Re: Goofs

Episode 88: Goodbye Kitty

In this episode, Francis states he never killed anything bigger than a poodle to Otto, yet in Season 4 episode "Long Drive," he accidentally killed Otto's cow Helga. (Edit)

Notice when the piece of wrapping flies onto Stevie's face. The back (with the dietary information) is showing. But when Malcolm comes to pull it off, the front (with the name and logo) is showing. (Edit)

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Episode 91: Malcolm's Job

Malcolm's Lucky Aide nametag says Frankie NOT Malcolm!!! (Edit)

During the baby drool contest, you can see Jamie turn his head and when he does, you can see the drool line coming from the other side of his head. (Edit)

Malcolm's Lucky Aid Tag says "Trainee", not Frankie. (Edit)

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Episode 92: Christmas Trees

When Craig and Lois are talking the lemon lime drink can moves back and forth depending on which angle it is seen. (Edit)

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Episode 96: Ida's Boyfriend

When the camera shows Hal and the boys at the dinner table after finding out Ida will be moving to China, we can see a blue globe in the background. When the camera comes back to them a second time, it's gone! (Edit)

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Episode 98: Lois' Sister

In Company Picnic, Dewey can't metabolise sugar. Then why is he able to eat all that cotton candy? (Edit)

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Episode 101: Malcolm Visits College

The one about her being the new girl isn't a goof. Malcolm says she's the new narc, not a new girl. (Edit)

Malcolm said that the narc was a new girl, yet Hal says he remembered seeing her in the school play. (Edit)


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Re: Goofs

Episode 111: Pearl Harbor

Deweys essay is captured on camera for a split second, and the visable part reads:

Oh, I almost forgot the best bit. One day at my mom's work there is this man who does nothing but eat and smoke. So one time my mom got so mad at him she burned him with his own cigarette right in the eye. Then cornered him in the parking lot and choked him with her bare hands.

Dewey's hand covers part of page and I have added words to fill the gaps so this makes sense. (Edit)