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I'm from England and i'm going to buy season 1 off amazon but i desperately want season 2-6 on DVD. I dunno about you guys here but i'm desperate. Help me!!


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They have'nt released season 2-6 on dvd yet. Maybe they will once the show has ended but they havent so far. Any that you see on e bay etc...are illegal.


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Your best bet is to create your own. To do it legally, you can use any medium you want, from DVR to DVD or even VHS. Personally, I record them to Mini DV, and then burn them to DVD. As long as you don't modify it in any way and keep it for your personal enjoyment, it's not illegal.
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I know there is season 1 of MitM on amazon but it's wierd why there is no more seasons. Who agrees with me?

On amazon you can get books too!! Some MitM books start at 25p (UK) so why not buy these books, i might do!!


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punx18 said:
Hi there, theres a Fox rep that comes into work every monday morning. I have asked her about why hasn't macolm in the middle been released within the UK. And if there is a rough date. She said that she wasn't sure, but she would bring it up in a meeting with the biggish cheeses. More on that when i'm next at work on monday!
cool - sadly tho i dount much will happen - people have tried alot before, but its allways worth trying