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For anyone who has not had the joy of finding or watching MITM season 1 Bloopers (included with season 1 DVD) well here's your chance on YouTube I found a video containing just over 5 minutes of the mentioned season 1 bloopers, hopefully the video doesn't get taken down too soon as of 6-15-15 the video is still on YouTube. Please share your comments below on what you think of the blooper and your opinions! ALL HAIL MITM! :) Here's the bloopers link:

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Yes, most of the MITM videos get taken down, even the nice, creative tributes made by some of our members... :(

There was a also a compilation of later seasons' bloopers that I've still got, and hope to see included on the final installment of the current French DVD releases.

If it isn't, I may be posting it on our front page.

Malcolm France actually has had both compilations online for some time. I suppose because they are a dedicated fan community, and closely work together with official distributors, Fox has always left them alone!

The Season 1 bloopers are here (current 'Around the series' page)

The later Seasons' bloopers here (old 'Around the series' page - video Bêtisier 3 - Inclus : Saison 7 - hit the yellow 'voir' button)

Enjoy! :yes:


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GOOD NEWS: As of now the video is still on YouTube and has almost gained 100,000 views so if you haven't seen it yet it might be worth your while. (It will probably be taken down eventually)