Like any new 2009-2010 season shows?


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I like the new NBC comedy Community. Looks like I am going to try and catch every episode

I know it is still the very start of the season, but even if a show has not started yet, is there one you are looking forward to?


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I heard briefly about Community (I think 1 person compared it to Malcolm). Nothing I'm really excited about I'll probs watch all the pilots and go from there.


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The one I'm awaiting for is the new season of Lost which comes in Jan/09.

I doubt that My Name is Earl or Everybody Hates Chris will be continued, due to the costs.:(


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both My Name is Earl and Everybody Hates Chris finished with 4 seasons.

From Wikipedia:

My Name Is Earl: NBC Cancelled the series on May 19, 2009. Season four had ended with the caption 'To Be Continued'. The series' producer, 20th Television, approached the Fox, ABC, TBS and TNT networks to continue the series, but were unable to come to terms without "seriously undermining the artistic integrity of the series".

Everybody Hates Chris: On May 21, 2009, the CW network announced that they had cancelled Everybody Hates Chris. Prior to this, executive producer (and inspiration for the show) Chris Rock announced that the end of season 4 matched up with his own past — dropping out of high school to become a comedian — and that it was time to end the show.