I just received a spam PM on this forum


Dear all,

I just received a spam private message from (ab)user Sashaulica, pointing to a sex site. See attached capture.

Please remove this abuser. Can some check be run against users who just register to post spam mails?



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I'm very sorry you received that Rich. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

The user has of course been banned, they managed to PM a bunch of other people too, however all such messages should now be gone.

Rich, please confirm that the message is indeed deleted from your inbox.

We do have controls in place to stop spam PM messages (we have only had a couple of previous spam pm issues before), however we missed a little hole that this spammer used. It is now fixed.

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Yep I received it too. Added the user to the ignore section.

Thanks for looking into this, the message is indeed gone.


That certanly was spam (abusive) however gdamn every word had an accent I mean "âéî" those kinds.

Happily it did only do on one user not the whole forum, like most, even 'tho I think it could've been a bot.