How to Post YouTube Videos and Spoilers


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Posting YouTube Videos

You can now "embed" video's into your posts.

Instead of a rubbish link :p - you wrap what is called "tags" around the code that identifies the video and it appears like below.

Then users can watch it here and don't have to go off to YouTube. :)

To embed the video like that you need to first get the code that identifies the video. Its the series of numbers/letter and sometimes symbols after the "="sign.

You will find this in the URL (link) :

Then there is a handy little button

You will find this in the toolbar along with the bold/font/underline and so on. Its only visible in advanced mode not in "quick post".

Click the button and these will appear in the post [*YT][/yt] (without the *)

Put the code in-between the tags like: [*YT]Cn9CpPhPjJw[/yt] (without the *)

PLEASE NOTE: some youtube urls with have other stuff after the code.

Don't include the "&" or anything after it. Sometimes there may be a _ in the code :
Cn9Cp_PhPjJ if so include it.

Posting Spoilers

These days they are less useful as most places have aired season 7 - however not all and we still keep a no season 7 spoiler policy in anywhere other than the Season 7 forum.

You can wrap "spoiler" tags around text so that viewers have to click a button to view the text.

Spoiler for Season 7:
Hidden Text

Like YouTube videos you will see a button on the toolbar.

When you click this it will ask you and "option" for you spoiler tags. This is the text that will appear in the place of "Season 7" in the above example. It can be anything you like.

Then [*SPOILER="Season 7"][/spoiler] (without the *) will appear.

You then put your hidden text (or images) inbetween the two sets of brackets (like the video code)

[*SPOILER="Season 7"]Hidden Text[/spoiler] (without the *)

Thats it.

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