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i don't post much here (actually i forgot my username and password until i received an email this morning from your Voting Community). My name is Shaun and I grew up in a small town in Nova Scotia Canada (a far cry from California). I presently attend college at the Nova Scotia Community College where i'm a sophomore business administration student.

I like this board for a number of reasons, one mainly being that it managed to carry over into a new beginning after the season Malcolm in the Middle ended in the US. I think this is a wonderful business missive.

I've been reading the messages that people post here and i've seen very inclusive members here. This sounds like a great community to be a part of and i'm glad to be here.

i don't need to say anymore about myself. please tell me about yourselves! :)



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If anyone wants to try out Vbulletin 5 and up, I have it running on http://forum.malcolm-mania.com . This is running through Vbulletin Cloud and I am running it on a subscription basis. I've had way too many problems with my older software (login problems and posting problems) and decided to try this for a change. the software automatically updates to the latest version, and if anyone wants to give that a shot, go for it.


Hi Shaun,

Thanks for the remark. Yes, as you can see we're experiencing some upgrade problems with our site that need to be sorted out. Some parts of our forums and other sections don't work properly, or at least not like they did, or may have to be redesigned. Perhaps other software could help us out, but that's up to our webmaster TJ, of course!

On the other hand, automatic updates decided by the supplier, if that's indeed the case, may have their disadvantages too, as you may suddenly lose functionality, options keep changing, and you're basically at the mercy of the software developers. I think most people on YouTube, Twitter or Facebook will have come across issues like these.

Anyway, we'll see what can be done!



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The forum should be working fine as before aside from some small colour changes. Please let me know if not. The gallery still needs to be worked on.