Hal's court case


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So when Hal was being accused of the horrible crimes against his company, why was it that all the dates on the board were a Friday? He specifically said "every one" is a Friday so it's not just like several were. That would be quite the incredible coincidence that all the days he was accused of these things were all the same days he was ditching work. All the same day of the week? How could that be?? I don't know who came up with these dates anyway, since none of it was true. Maybe there was some explanation to all this I missed.


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Actually, I think I checked once and all those dates were Fridays! :) I think they perhaps didn't fire Hal when they realized he ditched every Friday because they saw the opportunity to frame the scandal on him in the future. That would be my guess anyway, but I'd certainly be willing to hear the other side of the debate.


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Malcolm is the one who realized that all the dates were Fridays and it was significant because Hal blew off every single Friday for 3 years (I don't know how he got away with that! :D ) So he was able to show evidence of the dates for all the places he'd been and clear his name for the accusations. Yes, I agree, it's quite a coincidence that each thing that they were accusing him of happened on a Friday--not to mention that he just happened to have physical evidence of the places he'd been on all those dates--but it was just a plot device. It would be highly unlikely that something like that could ever happen in the real world, but not impossible.


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How did Hal blow off Fridays?
Simple. He had a kidney disease.:D Just like Reese said in "Hal Quits": "Drastic, but vague enough not to make follow up questions." :D


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I think Hal has a lot more intelligence than we give him credit for. For him to deceive Lois for 15 years is incredible. I wonder why she never noticed that on his paychecks?


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PBUNDY said:
I wonder why she never noticed that on his paychecks?

He said he called in sick on Fridays, so he could have been given paid leave on those days, but it does seem weird that Lois wouldn't have found out earlier, as it would have been included on his paychecks. And it's unlikely that he'd have been able to prevent Lois from seeing the paychecks.