Group Membership?


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Group Membership

Wen you look at someones profile it has a section 'group membership'... and as far as i rember nobody here is in any groups. what are they for?. should we have some?


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Do you guys want groups?

There are hidden groups, eg moderators/administrators and the star levels. But if you guys want to set up groups for other purposes thats fine by me.

I have no idea really.. but what we used to do in my old Friends forum is have a group for each character, and you could join your favourite characters group - this then allowed you to see a hidden folder where you could specifaclly talk about that character... It sounds silly but I guess it was fun.

Anyway if you have anyideas please suggest them


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I don't know, I kind of like being able to see and discuss all the conversation. Could you be in multiple groups?


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No that's not a good idea. I would change the groups all the time so that I'd be able to see what the others wrote. ;)


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Thats why I've not made any, I think when you have thousands of members it many be better to have houses or groups, but currently groups with result in to much dilution of the disccusion