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not sure if the gallery software can allow for this, but it is nice we have pictures categorized by season and other categories, but how about the stills from the show also be "tagged" as including a character (or actor, or both), such as in the way IMDb will have a picture linked to multiple actors, or how Facebook and MySpace tagging works.

Also by doing this, you can for example, see only the pictures that have Malcolm in them, or Reese, etc, instead of just looking at all pictures in an episode.

Another option to possibly be used with tagging, is filtering. For example applying a Malcolm filter, will only show pictures with Malcolm in it. Applying a Malcolm and Season 5 filter will only show pictures of Malcolm in Season 5.

Hope this make sense :s


Hi Alex,

You do make a lot of sense ;). This I would call a 'nice-to-have' instead of a 'must-have'. Tagging pictures with real-life names, or character names, especially when linked to IMDB or for instance a biographical entry on our site, is just a terrible lot of work for the 6,000-odd pictures we will have on our site in a few weeks.

We already have quite liberal (i.e. between strict and fuzzy) search facilities, in that pictures match on title and description words, and keywords. Because most 'general' MITM pictures will feature the main characters, I've only made a half-hearted attempt so far to identify secondary actors, such as Cloris Leachman as Grandma, the Krelboyne Kids, guest stars etc.

I'm always open to suggestions, but I guess this will be for the more distant future.

P.S. Of course we will keep splitting up and subcategorizing Gallery items once we have a substantial subset of pictures.

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that is fine. Yeah I did not consider this a must-have. It is just a suggestion. Keywords are fine for doing similar kind of thing for now. The gallery is great as it is. However if this ever happens to get done, it does not have to be a 1 person job, tagging can be something many people can take part in. But maybe just those who volunteer to and are accepted to do it, so we don't have strangers coming in and abusing the system.


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Thanks for the feedback Alex. We can definitely do something like that down the road.