Favourite episodes/worst episodes


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in reverse order, my top three episodes would be
3) Bowling
2) Burning Man
1) Book Club

the episodes i dont care for are

1) The Dewey Opera one
2) The clip shows
3) The one where Lois burns her hand with the teddy bear


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Favorite/least favorite episodes

I liked the bowling episode, the one where hal makes lois fat, and all of the reece joins the army ones. I didn't really like the one where malcolm tours college with lois, the ones where francis is in alaska, and the one where they're in a roadblock coming home from the waterpark


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I really love Red Dress, Hal's Christmas girft, Lois battles Jamie, Halloween Approsimately, Dwey's Dog, Blackout, Hal's Birthday, Company Picnic, Bomb Shelter, Malcolm's Girlfriend, Evacuation, Minibiike, and Smunday.

But my all time favorite would have to be Flashback. ;)

I don't really like seasons 4, particularly the episodes Family Reunion, and Grandma Sues...I do like some, like Forbidden Girlfriend, though
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