Favorite Game Console

What's your Favorite Console?

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oh!i didn't know...
and in the other post i make a mistake!no prefer but favourite!!eh eh eh!:laugh: it was 12:00 AM when i wrote the post!


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If I pass my GCSE's in June with good grades :blink: my parents may buy me a games console of some description. Of course I'm still in the negotiation stages and they are being a bit stingey and trying to get out of it by saying I'll get their love and respect, which quite frankly upsets me because it sounds a bit like they don't love and respect me yet :huh: and I thought our relationship had surpassed that point loool

anyways, what in you guys' opinion is best: ps3, wii or xbox 360?


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It was popular in like the 80s. I believe that's the platform some of the classics like Pac-man and Centipede were originally released for. And now I play them on Wii VC and PC. :)