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I just joined this forum (which by the way, rocks, because now I can actually talk to people about something I love), and I noticed when I was looking at the episode guide, there was only season one. Is there something wrong with my computer? Or did no one ever post guides to the other seasons? If you didn't post guides to the other seasons...why not? Also, when you write a guide to an episode, is it possible to get the actual episode on the website, even though there are copyright laws? I really want to know these answers! Also, if possible...can someone post the episodes online. Not to critic anyone, but when people give websites and downloads I don't trust them, because I was watching MITM online once, and it almost caused something bad to happen. So, how will I know which people to trust and which not to trust when it comes to websites and downloads? Thanks again.


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I'm not entirely sure what the official status of the episode guide is, so someone who has been here longer please do correct me, but it is unfinished and in 'beta'.

I imagine that the ambition is to have every episode listed there in time, but of course that requires someone to be dedicated to doing that task!

Again, I don't know for sure what the state of it is, or if any special permissions are needed to work on it. Perhaps our admin tjpeople, or someone else who is knowledgable could fill us in?


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The episode guide is a work in progress, however it hasn't progressed much recently. You need special access to edit it. When I have the time and mood I'll work on it.