[English] Non-related to MitM - People from Germany


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So I've ran out of options to try to know how I could find a person that was from German, but since I don't have the city/location I'm really stuck and probably won't ever be able to find her.

I don't want to get into much details but this what I can tell you that I've got:
- Photos (from her, friends, sister)
- First and last name

Is it possible anyhow to find her?

This is about the most useful things I've got.

Btw, just to make sure no one gets the wrong idea, I'm just trying to get in contact (know) where she was from, because she was very important to me.

This is my last shot, I think I'll just give up but usually, I'm not a quitter, if so I'll just let it go and try later on life. I just can't get her off my mind.