Display users name on the profiles


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On the forums, people mostly get called by there username, so i thought on the mini-profile that is displayed to the left of every post there could be a name category so when people reply, they will be able to call them by there real first name. If everyone could see the first name of the person they are replying to, then they could use it and soon everyone should know the first names of all the active users on the forums. It could be displayed between age and posts. Anyone think that would be usefull?


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I think it would be very useful. Maybe I would remember to call allison Tessa instead of Tess. lol, there's so many people, I like to call people by their real names, but there's just so freaking many of you!

We'll have to wait for David to reply, I don't know if those fields are customizable in the database.


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Its an idea most certainly, I am not 100% sure with it, but if everyone else wants it then I can implement it! :D


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I wouldn't mind it. I think we're all first name basis here. unless you're a teacher or doctor. :D
I agree its probably better to have first names, rather than being referred to as deweyrules! for example- although not formal, i jus think its more normal to use someones first names, although obviously some will wish to maintain their anomysity- but the profile already allows you to fill in what you wish, however i do feel more people should enter their genders, I keep getting peoples genders wrong.:confused:


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OK, I have added it to the bottom of the profile field, feel free to add your name if you want people to know it. Please stick to first names only.


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although i don'T mind people knowing my real name, i would actually prefer being called "Dabney"...
Can't tell you exactly, why.