Deal or No Deal


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This is my first time watching this. Basically, it's like this - choose one briefcase out of 26 (22 in Britain). Spend the rest of your time eliminating the rest of them, from $1 Mil to 1 cent. (in the States; amount depends on where you are) Every time a certain number of briefcases are opened, the banker calls offering you a load of money to quit the game. At that time, it's "Deal or No Deal?" No deal, the game rolls on; deal, you're on your way. Pretty simple, but exciting. (Wikipedia article) area)


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We need games like that here that the whole board can participate in. We need more group activities for everyone to play in and have fun with each other!:D
That game itself sounds interesting. Deal or No Deal? If I had to choose between a buttload of money OR taking a chance getting a breifcase with one dollar in it, Id choose the buttload of money!:D


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That sounds like such a great game to watch!;) Im gonna watch that:) It would be hard decision i think, if i was in the game, i mean, how would i feel if i chose the cash instead of the briefcase and if actaully turned out to be £250,000!


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It's such a simple idea, it really is, but highly addictive. :p

Some of it is clearly faked, the fact that its always ONE person who last the entire show and they never over run etc. In England the players box always seem to be a low amount too, much more than "random" chance should allow ;)

I dont go out of my way to watch it, but its not something I would switch off.


We have the same tv-game in France. It's called "A prendre ou à laisser", and I think it's boring... really, really boring and it has no interest at all. Actually, I hate all tv-games (except one but you surely don't know it :p), so...

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I used to watch a lot of game shows. But now it's just other people winning money to me.