Christmas with the Kranks

Has anyone seen christmas with the kranks? I've bought it and watched it at my sleepover!! Erik Per Sullivan plays Spike Frohmeyer in it and he's a really good actor in this film. Has anyone seen/bought christmas with the kranks yet? I didn't see it in the cinema so i bought it for the fun of it!!:)


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I have'nt seen it although i nearly bought it yesterday lol. I wanna see it so ill try to soon.
One of the mods will probably move this to Reese's apartment since it's talk about a TV lol.
Oh well!!! Anyway i got it for about £11-£12 in TESCO where i live!! It's pretty good value for a chart DVD!! It's about a family (the kranks) and they have neigbours somewhere up the street (the frohmeyers). Everyone wants them to put up a frosty the snowman but they wanna escape christmas!! I can't tell you more as you'll probably wanna watch it for yourself!!


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Yeah Alison, we saw that on your sleepover! I think it was quite good and i agree that Erik is a good actor in it. Believe me, he has that special quality that people do!

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I saw that movie, but forgot that Erik was in it.

Looks like I'm going to have to recap!