Blast from the Past: Animaniacs


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Does anyone remember this short lived animated series by Steven Speilburg, I can remember watching it when must have been 5 or 6. Having relistened to some of the songs they sang, its absolutely hilarious - rather like a lower level Simpsons of 1993.

The songs are ironical, and have jokes for every level. Just have a visit to MeTV and listen to some, they are really very good! :D

Look out for the "US Presidents" song and the "Additives Song"


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I used to watch that show every Saturday morning, I remember it was awesome at the time. I also used to watch Tazmania, although that definitely doesn't stand up so well these days. I'll see if i can listen to some of those songs.


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I remember the theme songs to both but I didn't actually watch them (my brother watched them).
Well Pinky and the Brain were from Animaniacs. The actual Animaniacs were Yacko, Whacko and whatever the girl was called, Buttons or something. Then there were other characters that would have cartoons within the show like that dog and the little girl who always called her Mum "lady", Pinky and the Brain, that cat and dog who travelled around causing trouble and possibly a few others.


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Dot! Yacko Wacko and Dot. We have this game at my grandparents house for the Animaniacs. It's on Super Nentendo, and it is an awesome game.


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Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca...the Third.

But you can call her Dot.


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oh my gosh! I loved the animaniacs! they had the pinky and the brain in them didnt they... such a great programme. i still watch pinky and the brain on cbbc sometimes after sad lol!:eek:


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"Pinky, Pinky, and the Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Braaaiiinnn." STILL remember that song! I always thought Animaniacs was a very good cartoon. It was unusual and still very funny. Plus, did anyone else pick up on the sexual innuendo throughout the show?
Speaking of early 90's cartoons, anyone remember the terrible show Captain Planet?

"Earth, wind, fire, water, heart....CAPTAIN PLANET!" Man, that was corny!

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I liked the mime... I forgot what the segment that involved him was called.