Bands that have free downloading for all their songs


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If a band wants to promote there new album, they might put the most popular song on there homepage with flash, or have a link to download it. I can see how this would encourage people to buy the album, because if they like the song they might want to buy the full album. But i have seen official sites where you can download every song they ever made, and videos for the most popular ones. I really don't get why they would do that, if anyone can download all the songs for free and legally, who would bother buying the album? It seems a bit useless to me, any thoughts anyone?


I agree. I too have seen a few artists homepages where most, if not all, of their songs can be downloaded for free. With all the fuss over file sharing going on between the record industry, one has to wonder why artists still allow this to go on, and on their official sites, no less. It would make more sense to me if they allowed a 30 second snippet of their songs, similar to what does so the listener can get a idea if they like the song and purchase the CD based on that.


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These are the sane artists who realize that sort of thing helps to keep their listeners happy. And let's be honest, ehre: even if everyone bought their music legally, the biggest money-makers for an artist are still-by FAR-the concerts.


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Well, I was considering saying it earlier, but thought your arguments otherwise might be interesting.

People complain when stuff isn't free; people complain when stuff is free...what's next?

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I definitely agree with that last statement of yours, Sam. People are so fickle.

Anyway, this was all over the news, but Radiohead's new album is legally downloadable from for free. Or, if you really want to pay them, you can.

I haven't seen this happen in a long time.